Can you use foot orthotics in Crocs?

Crocs are popular casual shoe. They are a molded shoe originally designed for sailing. As they are molded, they have a contour to them which means that you are probably not going to be able to wear foot orthotics in them. For those who are able to wear the type of foot orthotic that they have in these types of shoes, there are issues with keeping them in place due to the low back to the heel counter.

As to if the Crocs are good for your feet, then opinions are mixed. They do have some good features like some support and they certainly are convenient to slip on and off. On the other hand they do change the biomechanics of the foot as you do need to grip the toes to help keep them on and the nature of the material that they are made out of can be an issue for those who have a problem with sweaty feet. At the end of the day, every type of footwear is probably going to be OK if used in moderation and used for that they are designed for.

Oh, and people have run marathons in Crocs, so try telling them that they are not good for you!

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